Flash Movie Sample

Basic example movie of calmodulin terminal domain. You can manually rotate the molecule by mouse actions. Type "c" or press both of mouse buttons (left and right) to reset the movie.

Movie of larger molecule, F1-ATPase, C60 with its molecular orbital, multi-scene movie of calmodulin, methionine in sticks, and movie with predefined actions are also available.

Experimental function 1: type "x" or "X" to generate new swf movie. Current XML data (including edited/loaded data) is used for the new swf.

Experimental function 2: type PDB id in the input field above and click load button to load PDB data from RCSB Protein Data Bank.


2014/05/29: add "mint" param for AMGR, ACTIONs can be interrupted by clicking. See updated movie with predefined actions sample.

2014/04/20: fix bug for length one of secondary structures at C-terminal.

2014/04/18: add PDB retrieve function (using JS; flash cannot do this).

2014/03/21: update to 0.51; fix several minor bugs.

2014/03/14: make XML parse error detectable, add atom names when loading from pdb file, fix bug on duplicate atom names in pdb.

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